Most Common Wood-boring and Destroying Insects

Most Common Wood-Boring And Destroying Insects

There are 4 categories of common wood-boring insects: carpenter ants, termites, bark beetles and wood borers, and powderpost beetles. Each of these insects does damage to wood over time, and it’s likely they were present before you noticed them. It’s important to accurately identify them before beginning pest control, so take … Read More

Keeping Termites Out of Your Mulch and Away From Your Home

Keeping Termites Out Of Mulch: Preventative and Corrective

Mulch is a common material made of decaying bark, compost, and leaves that is laid over the soil surface for covering. It helps retain the soil’s moisture, prevent the appearance of weeds, maintain the coolness of the soil, and give the garden bed a more attractive look. As a result, … Read More

Do Termites Die When Exposed To Air? (Sunlight or Water?)

Do Termites Die When Exposed To Air Sunlight or Water?

Can your termite problem be remedied by simply exposing them to sunlight and open air?  If you are like me then you are probably looking for a simple solution to a pesky problem and you’re in luck. Exposing non-winged termites to fresh air or sunlight for only a couple of … Read More