How to Get Rid of Bull Ants: A Comprehensive Guide

Bull ant

Bull ants are a common pest problem, particularly in Australia and other temperate regions. These large, aggressive ants can pose a significant threat due to their painful bites and aggressive behavior. Understanding how to identify, manage, and eradicate bull ants is crucial for maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment. … Read More

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Arizona: The Ultimate Guide

Cockroach dead on leaf

Cockroaches are more than just a nuisance; they can pose serious health risks and damage to properties. In Arizona, the hot and arid climate provides an ideal environment for various species of cockroaches to thrive. Given their ability to carry pathogens and trigger allergies, it is crucial to address any … Read More

Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches? A Comprehensive Guide

Bottles of bleach on store shelf

Cockroaches are among the most resilient and unwelcome pests in households worldwide. Known for their ability to thrive in various environments, they pose significant challenges for homeowners trying to maintain a clean and healthy living space. One common question that arises in the battle against these persistent insects is: Does … Read More

How to Get Rid of Turkestan Cockroaches: The Ultimate Guide

Turkestan cockroaches (Blatta lateralis), also known as “red runner” cockroaches, are an increasingly common pest in many parts of the world. Recognizable by their reddish-brown color and fast movements, these cockroaches can quickly become a nuisance in homes and gardens. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get rid of … Read More

Using Cockroach Pheromone Traps: The Ultimate Guide

Few things strike fear into the hearts of homeowners quite like the sight of a scurrying cockroach. These unwanted guests are not only unpleasant to look at, but they can also be dangerous as they carry and spread diseases. If you’re facing a cockroach infestation, you’ve likely explored various methods … Read More

Biological Control of Pests: Overview, Examples & Pros/Cons

Biological Control of Pests Overview Examples Pros-Cons

When controlling pests in your garden you have a few options: Chemical treatment (pesticides), or biological control. Pesticides are effective but can have an adverse effect on beneficial insects as well as the pests you’re targeting. They can also contaminate soil and water.  Biological control is a method of controlling … Read More

Will Spiders Die in Cold Temperatures?

Will Spiders Die in Cold Temperatures?

Not all spiders die during the winter. While they are cold-blooded, they have adapted several ways to survive the cold seasons. Some overwinter in egg sacs, others take shelter, and others actually produce an antifreeze-like chemical inside their bodies that lowers their freezing temperature.  What Temperatures do Spiders Prefer? Spiders … Read More

20 Ways to Keep Squirrels off of Bird Feeders

How To Keep Squirrels Off of Bird Feeders

If you like to keep bird feeders, you may have run into some problems with squirrels. Squirrels are clever little acrobats that will perform all sorts of gymnastic feats to get to a bird feeder, stealing your birdseed and driving you nutty.  We’ve compiled a list of methods effective for … Read More

How to Keep Lizards Outside: Identification, Tips and Tricks

How to Keep Lizards Outside

Lizards are important members of the ecosystem, feeding on mosquitoes and other insects. While most lizards will be content to remain in the garden, one or two may occasionally wander inside. You can use exclusion to keep them out, and trapping to take care of any who still make it … Read More

Do Fake Owls Actually Work to Keep Pests Away?

Do Fake Owls Actually Work to Keep Pests Away?

Displaying fake owls can help keep pests away from your property — with limitations. Animals, including pests, can observe and learn, so they may discern that your owl not the real thing as time passes. How do Fake Owls Help? Owls prey on many different small mammals and other birds … Read More