10 things Mice are Afraid of and Why

10 Things Mice Are Afraid Of And Why

Mice are some of the most common pests and they annoy millions of households around the globe. In addition to getting into and contaminating food, they also damage property and belongings with their constant chewing. And they’re carriers of many diseases that can be transmitted to people and pets.  Keeping … Read More

21 Ways to Keep Ants out of your Home and Garden

25 Ways To Keep Ants Away From Any Environment

Everyone has had to deal with ants, and they seem to be everywhere. Your house can serve as a haven for these tiny insects. It can provide them with food, water, and shelter in one convenient location — protecting them from the elements as well as predators like birds and lizards.  … Read More

Can Bees Fly in the Rain?

Can Bees Fly In The Rain?

Yes, bees are and will be OK in the rain. A light drizzle won’t kill them, however, if the rain becomes heavy with large drops, things can get a bit dicey. Heavy raindrops can easily knock down a flying bee or break its wings. Heavy rains can also knock them … Read More

How do Bedbugs Travel and Spread?

How Do Bed Bugs Travel and Spread?

Bedbugs spread primarily through human contact. If you’re finding bedbugs on your mattress or other furniture, chances are they came home on your clothes, purse, or luggage.  What are Bedbugs? Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are tiny, flat, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep. They … Read More

Do Yellow Bug Lights Actually Work?

Do Yellow Bug Lights Actually Work?

Yellow lights are sometimes sold as “bug lights” and promise not to attract insects. And it makes sense — sort of. It’s true that many insects are least attracted to yellow light and more attracted to ultraviolet light, like those used in bug zappers. But depending on which insects you’re … Read More

How to get Bats out of your Chimney

How To Get Bats Out Of The Chimney

Bats love chimneys — they’re dark, secluded and offer enough space for them to hang upside down. Humans are less thrilled when we discover bats in our homes, but they’re not as bad as you might think. While bats can pose some health risks, including rabies, they can usually be … Read More

Are Fleas Attracted to Light? Heat?

What Are Fleas Attracted To

This is a tricky question and depends on what stage in their life cycle the flea is in. The short answer is: no, fleas are not attracted to light, but rather the shadows of potential prey against a light background; and yes, they are attracted to body heat. Fleas use … Read More

What Sounds do Rodents make? (Rats, Mice, Squirrels)

What Sounds Do Rodents Make?

Rats, mice, and squirrels vocalize more than you might think — you just can’t hear most of it. You’re more likely to hear them chewing, scratching or scurrying than your are to hear them squeaking.  An Overview of Rodents and their Sounds Unless you’ve seen a rodent or the evidence … Read More

What does it Mean if a Raccoon is Out During the Day?

What Does It Mean If A Raccoon Is Out During The Day?

While raccoons are nocturnal and usually more active at night, there are a few reasons they might venture out during the day. They might be searching for food, avoiding a predator, or caring for young. Being out during the day is not necessarily indicative of a sick raccoon.  Why would … Read More

Are Raccoons Dangerous? Should you Call an Exterminator?

Are Raccoons Dangerous? Should You Call An Exterminator?

Are raccoons dangerous? While raccoons have adapted to live close to humans, the problems they bring with them can put your health at risk. They’re  carriers of many diseases, including rabies, and they can be aggressive when cornered.  If a raccoon has made its way into your home, don’t hesitate … Read More