Can You Flush a Cockroach Down the Toilet?


If you’ve encountered a cockroach in your home, your first instinct might be to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Many people wonder, “Can I flush a cockroach down the toilet?” or “Can I flush a dead cockroach down the toilet?” While this may seem like a convenient … Read More

Do Cockroaches Eat Crickets? Exploring the Cockroach Diet

Cockroach beside a cricket

Ever wondered if those creepy crawling cockroaches eat crickets? The answer is yes, cockroaches are opportunistic eaters and will happily munch on a cricket if the opportunity arises. Their omnivorous diet means they’ll consume both plant and animal matter, including other insects. But don’t expect them to specifically hunt crickets … Read More

Does Weed (Marijuana) Attract Cockroaches?

Marijuana plant

For cannabis enthusiasts, there’s nothing worse than discovering unwelcome guests lurking amongst their prized stash. Cockroaches, those notorious scavengers with their uncanny ability to navigate even the darkest corners, can quickly turn a relaxing smoke session into a scene straight out of a horror movie. But, does weed really attract … Read More

Why are Cockroaches so Hard to Kill? What can they Survive?

Why Are Cockroaches So Hard To Kill? What Can They Survive?

Cockroaches have evolved to withstand a lot of abuse. They have an exoskeleton made to be hard yet flexible, which helps them withstand being crushed. They can also regrow limbs and have an immune system that allows them to break down many toxins.  There are 4,000 species of cockroach around … Read More